The Green Gold in Your Wedding Dress
Keeping your wedding dress forever might seem like a good idea the day after your wedding when you’re still euphoric after your wonderful event.

Cultural Weddings - Hindu
Hindu weddings ceremonies are filled with rich cultural traditions and customs from start to finish. Here are some of the usual traditions followed by Hindu’s during the matrimonial ceremony.
Vivaha Yoga
Some astrologers advise their clients not to marry if they undergo a malefic period. It is believed that the effects of an Erashtaka period could be inauspicious for a marriage. You might have experienced this in your life.
How to satisfy your Wedding Guests?
Plan your wedding guests and as far as possible, invite them personally.
If any of your very close relative is living in the neighbor hood state, please do visit there personally to invite them.
Beach Weddings
Are you planning to get married in a special never-to-forget kind of way? Then, a beach wedding is a definite choice. Nature shall add its own grandeur to the extraordinary ceremony. The cool breeze, the soft white sand under your feet, the vast gently moving expanse of the sea, and the sun or the moon light - all these, infuse a sense of sanctity to the occasion; and make the event truly memorable.
Timing of year and month of marriage
There is a continuous discourse in astrological circles here and in India on the much vexed subject of timing of marriage.
How Much Does the Average Wedding Dress Cost?
Dream dresses may trump strict budgets, and parents, or even fiancés, plunk down a little more cash to get the bride exactly what she wants. Still, there are other couples who stick to their budgets, no matter what, and other lucky brides who inherit a special gown.
9 Genius Ways to Stick to Your Wedding Budget, Danggit
If there's no major rush to walk down the aisle, a longer engagement will give you more of an opportunity to nab preferred vendors at lower prices before yearly increases.
12 Ways to Give Your Wedding Personality
Planning a wedding these days can be overwhelming, with more resources than you know what to do with at your fingertips.
My Husband Is Not My Soul Mate
“Maybe what is really important is friendship, and to never forget that in the push and pull of daily life.”