Vivaha Yoga
Some astrologers advise their clients not to marry if they undergo a malefic period. It is believed that the effects of an Erashtaka period could be inauspicious for a marriage. You might have experienced this in your life. There are parents who delay the marriage of their children as per the suggestion of some astrologers. If you delay their marriages due to these reasons you are the one who bring malefic effects on your children. There are no auspicious or inauspicious times for marriage in Astrology. According to Astrology, there can be situations where certain planetary combinations can be beneficial for marriage. On the other hand there are periods where such beneficial planetary combinations are absent.

Vivaha yoga or beneficial planetary configurations for marriage are activated off and on in one's life after the attainment of puberty. Women who lived before 1950's got married when they were around 16 or 17 years of age. This tendency started to change gradually. Individuals got married in their 20s in between 1950 to 1980. At present, majority seem to get married in their 30s not because of a lack of Vivaha Yoga but due to educational and financial matters. There are situations where individuals receive promotions in their careers; but simultaneously they might face difficulties in their domestic lives or due to illness.

This is an instance which shows a combination of auspicious and inauspicious influence. While one's career is under the influence of auspicious aspects his or her health and the domestic life could be under malefic effects. In the meantime, you will encounter Vivaha Yoga during bad patches. If someone avoids these Yogas because of a bad patch, he or she will have to lead a solitary life until next yoga comes.

People with higher educational aspirations are prone to get married after 30 in most situations. That does not say that they haven't come across Vivaha Yogas during the period; but those yogas are excluded due to many reasons such as lack of interest or other issues. Marriages are not supposed to take place unless there are Vivaha Yogas. Marriage does not refer to an engagement or registration; it is the life living under one roof as man and wife. I do not say that a person cannot find a suitable partner before they encounter Vivaha Yoga.

As we know the influence of Venus cannot be forgotten as it is highly influential regarding marriage. The aspects of Venus, interim and major periods of Venus and the planets posited in the Houses ruled by Venus are important in determining a marriage. Marriage could take place with the influence of asterisms ruled by Venus. The duration for marriage is determined by astrologers after carefully observing Navamshaka and Nadi astrology. Accuracy is necessary because this calculation is difficult.
If you delay your young child's marriage due to bad patches it is advisable to consult a versatile astrologer for further instruction. Astrology needs to be utilized not to delay our activities but to remove the obstacles against them. You should not restrict yourself or delay your day to day activities because of inauspicious periods.

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