Psychological Astrology
The world has become a global village with the development of technology and communication. Every sector gets updated through technology. Occult sciences such as Astrology should also be updated through observations and experiments. At present, various astrologers express contradictory views to the media. As a result, the reliability of people on Astrology could diminish. Therefore, there is a necessity to establish reliability in this subject.
The effects of Sun in January
Ravi that transited Sagittarius on 17 December 2014 stays in the same House till 14 January 2015. Sun that transits Capricorn on 15 January 2015 will remain in the same House until 13 February 2015. Let us find out how these transitions influence the zodiac signs during January.
Vipareetha Raja Yoga that makes leaders
Raja Yogas have become a popular topic among Astrologers due to the current political scenario in the country. Meanwhile, certain individuals are making misleading statements with the intention of making profits.
Dwi-graha samyoga Mars with other planets
We have already discussed the results that that the Sun and the Moon produce in conjunction with the other planets in two previous articles. We propose to discuss the results that Mars produces in conjunction with other planets in this article.Mars-Mercury: This is a very favourable combination that makes the native very dynamic and energetic.
An Astrological view on Love and Marriage
Ahappy marriage is a dream of every youth who aspires to get married. They keenly search for a suitable partner to lead a smooth life. The parents of young boys and girls expect them to lead successful married lives. They also expect their grandchildren to be imbibed with good values and norms.
Dwi-Samyoga Moon in conjunct with other planets
Moon Venus: Native having this conjunction seeks to lead a happy and carefree life with his wife and children. He likes to dress well and possesses exotic and artistic things. He enjoys the company of women. He is a pleasant person liked by all. If the conjunction is afflicted, his married life would be unhappy. People would not trust him. He would have sexual relations with unsuitable women and would contract venereal disease. He would lead a miserable life.
Getting your horoscope checked
It is better to be aware of this. Some factors that are not clear to us in our daily lives can be identified through the horoscope. People get their horoscopes checked when there are complications in their social, economic or personal lives without obvious reasons or when they suffer from ill health.
No mention of Kala Sarpa Yoga in ancient texts
Kala Sarpa Yoga is mainly based on Rahu and Kethu, the shadow planets. They are always located 180 degrees apart from each other on the opposite sides. Kala Sarpa Yoga is created by the placement of the remaining planets on one of those sides. Another explanation is that Kala Sarpa Yoga is created by the absence of planets in
five consecutive houses.
Dynamics of wearing gemstones
It is a popular trend among females to wear jewellery but there is a similar tendency among some members of the opposite sex as well. This article does not focus on jewellery in general, but the Navaratna ring has a high popularity rate among Sri Lankans.
Dwi-graha Samyoga
If the native is a male, he would win the respect of women. If the conjunction occurs in an evil House the native would be a cunning person. If the Samyoga occurs in the 8th House, the native would receive wealth from spouse or inherit wealth after the age of 30. This Samyoga occurring in a good House of a Scorpio, the native would produce a Rajayoga.