Love and beauty
Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty represents worldly happiness and sensual pleasures.
Romantic Venus
Holding a grand wedding does not determine the success of marital life. Everybody expects a marital life full of happiness and beauty. Partners aspire to lead a successful marital life by fulfilling their own desires and wishes. It is doubtful that every single person will experience a beautiful marital life.
Is Your Love Healthy?
Love means never having to say you're sorry... for declining another slice of cake! Have the two of you fallen into the habit of showing your love
Revengeful Scorpions
Scorpio is the 8th zodiac sign. Mars is considered the lord of Scorpio. 'Water' is the basic element of Scorpio and Mars becomes Swaksethra in Scorpio which means Mars is placed in its own sign. A planet being Swaksetra is considered important in Astrology. A planet being placed in its own House (Swaksetra) is second only to planetary exaltation and Moolathrikona.
Can your dreams save your life?
Our dreams contain a wealth of guidance concerning all areas of our lives. But perhaps one of the more fascinating are dreams that warn us about impending illness - known as prodromal dreams.

Key Female political figure after April 28?
The previous government displayed a keen interest in the placement of a full-stop to the drug menace forever. It was a commendable attempt. The voters are now fully convinced of the fact.
Fortunate to be rich?
Everybody likes to lead a salubrious life free from anxieties.
Basics underpinning 'Sthri Jataka' or Female Horoscopy
It is a well-established practice among the people in most Asian countries, in India and Sri Lanka in particular, to seek guidance from Astrology in selecting a partner for marriage or an auspicious time or Subha Muhurtha to commence an important event or new activity
Female horoscope – basics relating to marriage
In countries in the East like Sri Lanka and India where divorce and a second marriage are frowned upon, marriage is considered the most important event in one's life, if one is to lead a life of a layman. In fact, a person's life as a man or a woman begins with marriage which is the turning point in life either for the better or for worse.
Failure in marriage means failure in life
Grace of God Vishnu for the protection of your home
Nothing thrives without protection as everything needs a safe atmosphere to flourish. This is important to a country as well as an individual. Security is an important factor when considering continuation.