The solar month of Aries
Aries people are dynamic and energetic. They love sports and turn out to be outstanding sportsmen and women. They love the outdoor life so much that they shun desk-bound or sedentary lifestyles.
Effect of Jupiter - Fine-tuning predictions
Native is haughty and garrulous. He suffers harassment from enemies and the government. He is troubled by injuries in the mouth and on the limbs.
Effects of Mars in 12 Avasthas - Fine-tuning predictions
Native born with Mars in Shayana Avastha suffers from eczemas and other itchy skin diseases.
Effects Jupiter produces - The 10th Bhava or Karmasthana 
The largest planet in the Solar system, Jupiter in Astrology is considered the most important benefic.
Divine planet
Jupiter is called the 'Divine planet' because it endows the natives with noble qualities and raises them to a high spiritual plane.
You and me
Marriage refers to the legal and ethical bond between a male and a female. It is also defined as the process that gives permission to have sexual relations. Marriage lays foundation to bring up the future generation. The definition of marriage seems to go beyond these explanations. A male and a female are psychologically and physically bound by marriage. Therefore, marriage needs to be considered a wonderful relationship.
Bhairava Pooja
You may have seen the form of Bhairavas at Buddhist temples. At most temples the offering box is of the shape of a Bhavirava.
Mangala Dosha in The Birth Chart
It is a very good subject to talk about, as very large numbers of persons are interested in obtaining astrological advice now, than a few years ago. Therefore it is our duty to help these persons, who need astrological assistance in a number of ways, specially in the subject of marriage.
Results Mars produces in Karmasthana
Mars, the planet closest to the earth is considered a malefic in Astrology. Mars, however, represents courage, physical strength, mental power, debating skills and aggressiveness among many other things.
Rahu and Kethu makes Kaala Sarpa Yoga
When all the planets are hemmed in between the axis of shadowy planets Rahu and Kethu, Kaala Sarpa Yoga (KSY) is formed. But when one has skipped to the other side, specially Moon, it is called the Ardha Kaala Sarpa Yoga or semi Kaala Sarpa Yoga.
Jupiter into Leo - The most powerful planetary transition of the year
After a gap of 12 years Jupiter will transit Leo from Cancer on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 at 6.20am. This is a prelude to that most powerful transition to take place during the year.