First and last solar eclipse in 2016
The only solar eclipse in the year 2016 took place on March 09 at 7.28 a.m. The eclipse occurred in the House of Saturn under the asterism of Puwaputupa. A total solar eclipse is considered astrologically important; yet negative influences could be prevalent. The consequences of the solar eclipse could be inauspicious as it occurred in the House of Saturn.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby obstructing the image of the Sun totally or partially by the Moon. This obstruction takes place when the Moon is placed in between the Sun and Earth. Solar eclipses are expected to take place on Amawaka days; but it is not meant that every solar eclipse necessarily occurs on an Amawaka day. As a consequence of this solar eclipse, positive as well as negative consequences will be witnessed locally and globally. This total solar eclipse will result in dramatic changes in climate and weather.

Locally, there can be landslides, cyclones and sudden changes of sea waves. Issues in connection with education and youth can be manifested. This period doesn't seem auspicious for children. Frauds and those who are involved in corruptions and crimes may be taken into custody. They will have to pay the penalty for the crimes committed. Clergy and higher ups in the country might experience the inauspicious consequences of the eclipse.

Every possible effort will be made to combat drug trafficking that has been a major issue in the country. The smugglers involved in such illicit sales will experience the repercussions of their damaging acts. Though the economic growth tends to drop to a certain extent, the beneficial period will remain unchanged for the current government. By and large, the period after the solar eclipse will not be fruitful for the citizens because they might not receive the expected consolations. Besides, the pressure they undergo might be doubled by sudden environmental changes. Crime, road accidents and fire related accidents might be prevalent. Therefore, individuals should be careful and mindful. The spread of epidemic diseases such as dengue will be on the increase. Women and children will have to be extra cautious. Hindrances will be prevalent for the ones who are involved in textile industries.

A massive earthquake is supposed to take place in a foreign country. In addition, an accident of an ocean liner might endanger the passengers' lives. Unresolved conflicts in some parts of the world will be flaring up soon. Therefore Saturn , Mercury, Mars, and Venus will be affected by the solar eclipse. Although the eclipses don't influence persons, it is said that the period after the eclipse will not be auspicious for Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus. In addition, those who undergo the malefic effects of Saturn will have to experience more challenging results in the future; but if you engage in religious and other wholesome activities you can overcome the negative effects to a certain extent.

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