Shouldn’t you marry during Erashtaka?
Astrologers stress the importance of being concerned about astrological factors before marriage because there can be malefic planetary influences that create negative consequences. Every human being born to this world is believed to undergo the malefic effects of an Erahstaka period. The malefic results of these inauspicious periods are at different stages of life. How beneficial or harmful can they be, if someone gets married during an Erashtaka period? Let's discuss the astrological explanation in that regard.

Astrologers generally inform their clients about inauspicious periods and the rituals that should be performed to get rid of the malefic influences. In addition, they will further inform them about the suitability for marriage during an Erashtaka period. First we will have to define what is meant by an Erashtaka period. Saturn, according to Vedic astrology causes three major types of Erashtakas; they are known as Janma, Lagana and Astama Erashtaka. Saturn conjoining Moon in a sign at birth or Saturn's advent's to the House where Moon is located can be recognized as Janma Erashtaka.

A native will have to undergo Lagna Erashtaka when Saturn is placed in the 1st House, 2nd House or the 12th House . Saturn being located in the 8th House is known Ashtama Erashtaka. Saturn being placed in the 8th House from the House in which Moon is located is identified as Chandra Ashtama Erashtaka. If someone undergoes Lagna Erahstaka at the age of 30, then he will have to get married after 37 years of age because Lagana Erashtaka continues for 7.5 years.

We ought to think how practical it is not to marry for 7.5 years due to the influence of Lagana Erashtaka. A marriage being put off due to Erashtaka will not be advisable. The one who blindly depends on these astrological concepts will not achieve success. Thus, the astrological aspects need to be addressed mindfully. Malefic effects are possible during Erahstaka periods; but being passive during the period will negatively influence the person's life. Thus, you should be mindful in dealing with astrological concepts because over dependency on the subject can lead to unnecessary issues.

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