Malefics in 7th create marital issues
Good deeds and bad deeds committed in previous lives are illustrated in a person's horoscope. Marriage which is considered a turning point in life takes place at the right time for the majority of us. Delays in marriage can be recognized by analyzing the 7th House of the horoscope.

The females whose 7th House is occupied by an auspicious planet will be attractive to the husband. It is generally accepted that an inauspicious planet located in the 7th House could cause malefic consequences in an individual's marital life. This formation can further cause psychological imbalances. Rahu and Kethu can be inauspicious for the 7th House whereas Saturn or Mars being powerful in the 7th House will be beneficial for marriage. Horoscopes of both partners need to be compatible to a certain extent for a successful marriage. The female's horoscope being powerful could determine the success of marriage.

It is said that "the hands that rock the cradle rule the world". The strengths and the weaknesses of the 7th House cause a woman to be either powerful or powerless. The 7th House being aspected by Saturn will be malefic for marriage. A successful marriage will be ahead if two auspicious planets are placed in the 7th House or the 7th House is aspected by two auspicious planets.
Mars in the 7th House is not considered inauspicious for everyone because there can be other planetary conjunctions that nullify the malefic effects. Unsuccessful marriage and sudden death of husband can be the result if Mars is inauspiciously located in the 7th. The inauspicious Mars located in the 7th being aspected by another inauspicious planet might make the female suffer from illnesses related to abdomen, womb or kidneys. Kethu placed in the 7th auspiciously can make the female attractive, pleasant and beautiful if it is aspected by Moon or Venus.

Your husband will be powerful and influential if Rahu is exalted in the 7th House. Rahu posited in the 7th House in an inauspicious manner will create a woman who has unbounded desires. Rahu being malefic in the 7th House can create domestic conflicts. Women with this planetary formation might neglect their responsibilities as wives. In addition, they can be careless in handling financial aspects of domestic life and be untidy in their household chores.

You will be placid; yet be mysterious if Kethu located in the 7th is aspected by Jupiter or Mercury. They might hardly understand the husbands' mentality. Apart from that, they behave passively in domestic life.

Marital life can be unsuccessful if Kethu located in the 7th is conjunct with Sun, Mars or Saturn. Clandestine affairs and illness related to urinary system may also result in. Saturn placed in the 7th brings malefic results for men. Saturn which is powerful for women being placed in the 7th House without malefic effects will result in a successful marriage. Infertility, clandestine affairs and unsuccessful marriages can be resulted if the 7th House is aspected by Kethu.

Sun can be malefic for women sometimes. Women with such planetary aspects will have to be under pressure due to their husband's influence. If Sun is exalted in the 7th House of a female's horoscope, that can cause psychological and physical illnesses. If the 7th House is occupied by an auspicious planet you will be attractive to your husband. The defective planetary aspects for marriage should only be decided after making a thorough analysis of the horoscope.

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