Love at first sight
Did you ever reflect on the phenomenon of love at first sight? Astrology explains this attraction as instant activation of the Vashya Porondama. While a nice vehicle could be the object of desire for some, another may be attracted to a melodious song or a beautiful landscape. But when a boy falls in love with a girl at first sight, it defies all above situations. They may even think that a door of fortune has opened.

Did it ever occur to you that there could be love at first sight? Some may attribute it to the fulfilment of a wish made in a past life.
According to Astrology such situations result from the connection between planet Mars and Venus. Out of the 20 Porondamas, no other Porondama is as powerful as the Vashya Porondama. Vashya or temptation could put all other factors in the back seat. This attraction occurs due to the power generated by the connection between Mars and Venus.

One aspect of the connection is the presence of Venus in the same place where Venus is located in the other horoscope. It would be very fortunate for two such people to get married. They would be 'bound like the bark around the trunk of a tree'. The placement of Mars in the seventh House and Venus in the seventh house of the other horoscope may make the bond overly sensual. Therefore it cannot be treated as appropriate. If the connection has happened in another House of the horoscope, it is deemed appropriate.

Another positive placement is when Mars in one horoscope is placed where Venus is placed in the other's horoscope. It is a positive formation. Another aspect is the placement of Mars in Taurus while Venus is placed in Taurus in the other.
This applies to other zodiac signs as well. Another formation is the placement of Mars and Venus opposite each other. In such cases Venus is in Aries in one horoscope while Mars is in Libra in the other.

All these formations are relevant to Mars-Venus connection. The subjects to whom such horoscopes belong may fall in love at first sight when they meet. It would sink deep in their hearts like a ball of lead. The connection of Mars and Venus create such miracles. If there is a connection between Mars and Venus in a couple's horoscopes, they would give preference to each others' needs. They would attempt to fulfil their partner's wishes before theirs'. Nothing would make them happier than living under the same roof. They have common feelings even after 50 years of marriage. It is due to this miraculous formation of the planets.

Those who have a Mars Venus connection in their horoscopes can be leading pleasant lives from the time of marriage. Despite scarcity, joy would not lack in their lives. A small hut would even be a blissful place due to this placement. When we see a wealthy couple living in a mansion and travelling in a luxury vehicle, we tend to think that they are highly fortunate. But the union of two people with the Mars-Venus connection would be much more blissful. A veteran Astrologer would consider several formations as regards the suitability of two horoscopes. Priority is given to the analysis of the compatibility of the placement of the planets. During the checking of Porondam compatibility, an astrologer gives priority to the connection of Mars and Venus, Yogas that predict death to husband, unsuccessful marriage, other inauspicious Yogas and Visha Kanya Yogas amongst other aspects.

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