Easy Lettuce Wraps Recipe
Easy lettuce wraps are a simple supper packed with veggies and protein.

Lettuce wraps are a restaurant favorite, and they are so affordable and easy to make at home. This version uses baked tofu and carrots for the filling, so it’s a hands-off recipe for a very hands-on meal. Lettuce wraps are also a very versatile recipe.
Lettuce Wraps Variations

You can go conventional, like in the video and photos, but don’t be afraid to mix up the leafy greens you’re using for your wraps. If the lettuce at the market isn’t looking good try:

    collard greens
    Chinese cabbage
    Swiss chard
    cabbage leaves

Different leafy greens give different textures to your finished wraps, so see what looks good at the store, and choose your favorite!

If tofu isn’t your thing, you can also replace the tofu in your lettuce wraps with two cups of chopped veggies of your choice, two cups of drained and rinsed adzuki beans, or one block of chopped, steamed tempeh.

(under the courtesy of care2.com)